Australian Made Week 2021

It is the inaugural Australian Made Week, 24-30 May 2021- celebrating amazing Australian brands and their Australian made or grown products! We are proud to be part of the Australian Made family. Our fabric and clothing have been made in Australia since we started in 2013 because making our products locally is so important to me. As a brand built on an ethical and sustainable ethos, we want to know who our makers are, know they are paid a fair and living wage, reduce our carbon footprint through freight, and provide our fellow Australians in the manufacturing industry with jobs.

Australian made week 2021

The green and gold kangaroo logo is world-renowned for high quality Australian made and grown products. This year we’re celebrating with other Australian made brands the workmanship and tenacity of our makers and growers. Every time you see an Australian Made or Australian Grown logo you can be confident that product has met the high Australian made standards for what constitutes an Aussie product. For Australian Made products, this means that ‘the product has undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia. For products labelled, ‘Product of Australia’, this means ‘all of the product’s significant ingredients come from Australia; and All, or nearly all of the manufacturing has been carried out in Australia’. (For more info on the different categories, check out By sourcing ingredients and manufacturing products in Australia, we are continuing a historic tradition of Australian manufacturing which has unfortunately declined in the last few decades. Australian Made, Australian Grown aims to highlight Australian makers and growers engaging in this industry, and make it easier for consumers to find and support brands which are keeping manufacturing and growing in Australia strong!

Australian Made Organic T-shirts

Our customers are the vital link between the hard work brands put into their products and supporting Australian industries. Did you know that if every household in Australia spent just an extra $10 a week on buying Australian Made, Australian Grown products this can contribute an extra $5 billion to our economy and create 11,000 new jobs! 

The Australian Made logo makes it easier for us as consumers to shop Australian made products and produce. So next time you’re shopping, look out for the little green and gold logo and choose Australian Made.

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