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About us

Mosov is an Australian fashion label providing organic and natural clothing, designed and made in Australia.

At Mosov we want children to look and feel like children. We want to bring the innocence of childhood back to a society were children are growing up too fast.

We make choosing garments easy and exciting for parents with our exclusive designs, made with organic and natural fabrics. Our clothes are not exposed to harsh chemicals during production, making them better for both your baby and the environment. 

Mosov's products are simple, limited edition pieces that are released as collections.

Our footwear is made using quality genuine leather and recycled leather for durability. Our moccasins and booties are all handmade in Brisbane. 

If you have any questions or would like to say hi please email Caroline at or alternatively through our contact form on our Contact page. We are based in Brisbane, Australia. 


ABN: 88 236 943 288