Behind the scenes - A Day by the Beach Collection

a day by the beach

Remember those days at the beach? Splashing in rock pools, feeding seagulls chips, relaxing in your chair by the water and having the time of your life?

A Day By The Beach brings to you those nostalgic memories that you can pass on to your mini. Made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton which is softer on nature and softer on baby. Made with love in Brisbane, from start to finish. 

I'd love to show you how A Day by the Beach was created. First comes the hardest part. The design and theme making. This collection I decided to focus on those nostalgic summer memories from childhood. With the help from some wonderful customers who took a survey, I was able to create something that was more what YOU mums wanted in babywear. All the patterns were drawn on computer and then sent to our Australian based fabric printers. 

mosov cutting

All of our fabric is manufactured and printed in Australia. Our fabric is 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS ( Global organic textile standard) who we chose due to their sustainability, child-labour free policy and much more which I will get into in a future blog post. Our fabric is then sent to our wonderful manufacturers Kerrie and Mal who make the most wonderful merino leisurewear (check our their website here).Then there is lots of sample making and testing to ensure our clothing FITS! Then our fabric is laid down and cut.  

mosov sewing

Our fabric is then sewn with lots of love by the wonderful sewing team, Sue, Kim, Linda and Faye. The most lovely ladies who take pride in their work to deliver quality, Australian made baby clothing.

Now comes the extra fun time... Photoshoot!

Mosov Photoshoot 

This is my most favourite part. This is where we see our clothing collection come together. We had the talented Andrew from No Noise Photography photograph our shoot. Our models are of course the most cute and wonderful babes in town! It's so much fun meeting them and their family and we had a blast watching as mummy and daddy made funny noises, sang and danced to get those little ones smiling for the camera! 

mosov cuddles 

It wasn't all smiles though... of course we had tears, runners and sometimes during our shoots there are little "accidents" which mean wardrobe changes... lots of wardrobe changes. At least our little models are there to comfort each other with cuddles. Good job Sebastian! CUTE!


After lots of months of work, I am proud to present to you a collection made with so much love. A collection I would not have been able to accomplish without the help of all of our lovely suppliers, manufacturers, family, friends and our wonderful customers who keep my business going. 

I'd love to hear your thought on our new collection and any feedback is so important so that we can continue to improve our products for your mini. You can submit your feedback through our contact page.


Lots of love, 

x Caroline

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