Reusable Organic Cotton Face Masks

We’ve all become accustomed to wearing face masks by now; what was once an annoying and even invasive mandate has become a normal practice for everyday people.

While wearing a mask can be out of our comfort zone, it is a way that we can look after our community and those within it, especially those who may be more vulnerable. With this came the huge pollution we witnessed. There were disposable face masks lining the car park floors, images were coming out with animals in the wild tangled in them and disposable face masks were even in our oceans.

Reusable Organic Cotton Face Mask

We started making Certified Organic Cotton Masks last year quite early in the pandemic. We became aware of the need for face masks which were not only reusable (to counter the disposable masks being thrown away and harming our earth) but also soft on skin and for those with allergies. Our skin is our biggest organ and what we put on our skin is so important. With face masks we aren't just putting the fabric on our bodies - but on our faces!

Just like all our Certified Organic cotton products, our masks are free from chemicals which could otherwise cause irritation or reactions to those who may have skin or respiratory sensitivities. This also means the farming process of the cotton has been kind to our earth and the farm workers in the supply chain too.

Our masks are handmade in Brisbane, and like all our products are Australian made certified. We make these with three layers, as per the standards. 2 layers of our super soft jersey and one layer of woven to stop the stretch.  Our face masks are made with elastic ties you can tie and adjust to fit your head and face, so they can sit snug across your face and over your nose, mouth and chin. You can choose to tie it around your head as advised by medical professionals for most firm fit and to stop ear irritation or you can make loops to go around your ears and just trim the excess elastic.

Organic Cotton Face Mask layers

Our masks are easily washable- just pop into a laundry bag and into your wash. And, just like all our Certified Organic products, at the end of its life you can dispose of your mask in your compost bin- just remove the elastic straps and pop it into your compost, where it will degrade safely back into the earth. 

While cotton face masks are NOT medical grade face masks, and do not offer full protection against COVID-19, they are a sustainable option. 



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