The Best Baby Blanket You Need

Is there anything cosier than cuddling a baby swaddled? We can’t think of much else, unless the baby is your very own family! Recently we welcomed our cousin’s baby into our family and we are absolutely smitten. So much so, that we have created a new product just for him: our new blanket, a Certified Organic cotton jersey blanket in a square 80cm x 80cm style, perfect to wrap, cover and lay your baby down on. 

Organic Cotton Baby Blanket

We started Mosov back in 2013 with baby wear, hand making baby leggings, bibs, and headbands printed with hand drawn designs. We decided to use Certified Organic cotton from the start to create products that were not only cute but also safe and toxin-free, especially for young skin which can be more sensitive to chemicals. As with all our products, our sweet baby blanket is made of the softest Certified Organic cotton, ensuring that baby is kept comfortable, while also helping regulate their body temperature with the natural breathable properties of cotton. Our cute sleeping bear design is also printed using water-based inks, so you can rest assured that your baby is resting safely. The small stretch in our jersey fabric means you can wrap it for a snug fit without compressing.

Organic Baby Blanket

Our choice to use Certified Organic cotton was also based on environmental decisions. While we want to make the best decisions to care for the little ones in our lives, these decisions include actions that look after the environment they will grow up in and inherit. No pesticides in Certified Organic cotton also means that the earth is cared for. The pesticides used in agriculture are meant to protect crops from pests which can harm and diminish harvest- however the chemicals themselves in turn damage and diminish the health and quality of the earth in which the crops grow, decreasing the fertility of the soil and its capacity to nourish future crops- and generations. By choosing Certified Organic cotton, you are caring for your baby now in their infancy, as well as later in their futures. 

In line with our passion for sustainability, our baby blanket has many uses and grows with your baby and their needs. You can use it to swaddle your baby as a newborn, lay it down for them to rest and play on, and cover them during sleeps. We hope that you have a many precious, warm memories with your little one as we do.

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