The Importance of Self Care

Self-care - what is it and is it important? You have probably heard these words spoken often, especially over the past couple of years as we have experienced more stress and constant lockdowns. Self-care is more than just doing "Treat yourself Sundays"- self-care means taking care of your whole well-being so that you can be well, take care of others and do your job. Taking care of your body by eating healthy organic foods and wearing organic cotton clothes are just a few ways to self care but there are so many more aspects of your life that you should monitor and care for.

How do you know if you need some Self-Care?

Day-to-day life can becoming stressful and exhausting. If you're finding everyday life and tasks to be exhausting, whether it be physical or emotional, then you may need to reflect and see if you have been taking care of yourself or if you need some self-care.

Here are some signs of needing self care:

  • Exhaustion, Fatigue and/or Tiredness
  • Increased Moodiness
  • Physical Symptoms - such as headaches, body tension or sickness
  • Depression or Sadness
  • Isolating Yourself
  • Being Disorganised - to the point it's affecting day-to-day life
  • Unhappy at Work
  • Lack Creativity

These are just some tell tale signs that you may need to focus on your physical, mental, spiritual and practical wellbeing.

The important thing is to catch it early so you can put some simple tools into practice before you feel burnt out.

Some Practical Ways To Self Care 

Self Care Chart

Sometimes self care can seem like a big task, or you may be so run down you don't have the energy to want to care for yourself. Above are some simple things you can do for yourself that may make self-care less daunting. This chart is also a good way to reflect on what you have implemented in your life or haven't implemented and may need to do. 

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