Why Organic Cotton is Best For Baby

Baby's skin is delicate and sensitive - choosing the right fabric for baby can help you're little one get the right start, especially for those who may have skin more sensitive than most.

When considering the best fabrics that care for our skin, the National Eczema Association recommends natural fabrics such as cotton for sensitive skin as it absorbs sweat, allows the skin to ‘breathe’ naturally and doesn’t irritate skin as much as other fibres 2. Organic Cotton is grown without insecticides and nasty chemicals. 

Organic Cotton is free from Insecticides.

A study by Iowa state also found measurable benefits of organic cotton production. "Conventional cotton relies heavily on GMO herbicide-tolerant and Bt-cotton for managing pests. However, because GMOs are banned in organic production, organic farmers rely on a healthy ecosystem to manage pests, and use soil and biodiversity building techniques such as crop rotations, resistant and tolerant varieties, and fostering beneficial insects."

By using natural techniques to deter pests, organic cotton is free from these nasty chemicals and poisons. This also means that the people growing the organic cotton aren't exposed to chemicals that result in health issues.

Organic Cotton is best for baby's Skin

According to a paper published by fibre2fashion around 1/4 of the world's insecticides are used in the growing of conventional cotton and that there is an estimated 8000 chemicals used in the process of textile growing and manufacturing. 

Alarmingly, in the published paper it states "Shockingly, some of the most widely used chemicals have been associated with cancers and birth defects. And some have hormonal and reproductive effects" 4.

Organic Cotton for Baby's Skin

This is why we believe organic cotton is the best choice for baby clothing and bedding, and why we are passionate about bringing our customers beautiful Certified Organic Cotton options for their little ones.

What our customers have to say:

Organic Cotton for children with Eczema Review
Amazing Quality
We got this for my son who has eczema end very sensitive skin we absolutely love it and it’s such fantastic quality.

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