Why You Should Be Wearing Organic Cotton Sleepwear

Australian Made Organic Cotton Sleepwear

When we began the design process for our Mosov organic products, we chose cotton as the textile we wanted to work with for a number of reasons. We were very conscious of the fact that 85% of textiles in Australia end up in landfill (LoveLifetsyle), and it can take decades and even centuries for some textiles to decompose- some may even never decompose! So we chose organic cotton because as a natural fibre, pure cotton products are actually biodegradable. This means that at the end of their life, you can take the fabric and tags on any of our plain products and put them into the compost bin! By choosing Certified Organic cotton, we knew that the beginning (growing) stages of our cotton products were also considerate of the impact on the earth by avoiding using poisonous chemicals and harsh pesticides. As a GOTS certified fabric, our products are also considerate of the human lives which grow, pick and create our fabric, ensuring ethical work practices. The overall impact on others and the earth were incredibly important to us as we began our business. 

Organic Cotton Sleepwear Australia


Of equal importance was the experience our basics create for you, our customers. Certified Organic cotton is a textile which is not only comfortable, but also enjoyable and safe to wear. It’s incredibly soft and super comfortable to wear- there’s no wear-in time with our tees, and they just become softer over time! For people with sensitive skin, Certified Organic cotton is a gentle textile free of toxins. As a natural fibre, it is also lightweight and cool, making it perfect for warm weather, busy days and active lifestyles- and even as organic sleepwear for sleeping!

Did you know that the average adult will spend around 26 years of their lives sleeping (Huffpost)! That’s a long time to be wearing pyjamas and did you know your sleepwear may have an impact on the quality of your sleep?

In order for adults to have the best possible night’s sleep there are many factors to consider - one of those being our body temperature. According to our body’s temperature shifts during a 24 hour period and you may have noticed your body temperature drops during the night while your hands and feet start to warm up. This is because your body is letting heat escape to reduce your core temperature. 

This is why it is so important to ensure you wear natural, breathable fabrics against your body as you sleep. Allowing your body to breathe naturally means it can rest well. Synthetic fabrics tend to trap hot air between your body and the fabric which can lead to overheating, affecting your overall quality of sleep. 

Organic Cotton Pyjamas Australia


At Mosov HQ we have been wearing our organic basics as ethical pyjamas for many years! Our t-shirts hold up very well as sleepwear and everyday clothing! We don’t want to market our clothing as specific sleepwear because our organic clothing has many uses and are versatile. One shirt can be worn for so many activities which means you can own less and have a lighter footprint on our earth! Comfort, versatility and your health are important to us. We hope you love sleeping in our organic cotton clothing!

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